Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Report out about Parents in Detention, Kids

Here's a situation. A parent is living in the United States. Their kids are U.S. citizens. They do not have legal status for themselves. They are arrested and held in immigration detention. Their kids are taken into state custody and put in the foster care system. The parent, unable to make calls, attend court, or visit their children has their rights as a parent severed.

This report details what is happening, not just here in Arizona, but all across the country. It gives concrete recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security, the child welfare system, the department of Justice and Congress. Let your U.S. Congress person know about the new report and ask them to support these recommendations through new legislation. Write Janet N. and let her know what is happening here and that you care about it.

Let's hope they are listening. And act. Our immigration system is broke. And it is hurting children and families. Let's stop locking up mamas and keeping them from their babies. Let's stop ripping fathers out of the lives of their children, with no path to reunify them.

Full report here:

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